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Click on the link above to view my impact profile on It is a summary of the positive impact my sustainable actions are having.

I’ve come a long way, but still many more changes are needed to make a bigger impact on our environment.



Sustainability and Business

Today, businesses have the ability to make necessary changes within their company which can have a major impact on the environment. By analyzing the resources for their products, the process of manufacturing and how to reuse product waste can not only be sustainable, but profitable as well. However, these changes and new practices must take place for we are running out of time. Scientifically, there is evidence “that climate is changing and that these changes are in large part caused by human activities,”and it “is largely irreversible.” Understanding climate change and its causes, and is beginning to help develop a strong understanding of current and potential impacts that will affect people today and in coming decades. This understanding is crucial because it allows decision makers to place climate change in the context of other large challenges facing the nation and the world. — United States National Research Council, Advancing the Science of Climate Change.

For better understanding, please below the links to two videos.

The first is by Michael Porter, (Professor at Harvard Business School and inventor of Porter Five Forces Analysis) discussing how sustainability in business can be profitable.

The second video is by the late, Ray Anderson (founder and chairman of Interface, Inc., the world largest modular carpet manufacturer) discussing the positive impact sustainability has had on his company. In this video, Mr. Anderson reads an original poem written by Glenn Thomas, one of his employees named “Tomorrow’s Child”. Mr. Thomas wrote this poem after a meeting in which Mr. Anderson was discussing the upcoming changes and how he finally understood the importance for these changes.

Tomorrow’s Child

By Glenn Thomas

Without a name; an unseen face
and knowing not your time nor place
Tomorrow’s Child, though yet unborn,
I met you first last Tuesday morn.

A wise friend introduced us two,
and through his shining point of view
I saw a day that you would see;
a day for you, but not for me

Knowing you has changed my thinking,
for I never had an inkling
That perhaps the things I do
might someday, somehow, threaten you

Tomorrow’s Child, my daughter-son
I’m afraid I’ve just begun
To think of you and of your good,
Though always having known I should.

Begin I will to weigh the cost
of what I squander; what is lost
If ever I forget that you
will someday come to live here too.